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Letter of Introduction

Companies today realize that their major asset is their people.  Whatever the product or service, however great the financial resources, however unique the patent or valuable the trademark, the human element determines the ultimate worth of the organization.  If one could put the value of an organization’s staff on a balance sheet, it would exceed that of the entity’s other assets. We believe that finding the right people for your organization is the single most important management consulting service your company will ever retain.

Because our business is such a vital service providing such a valuable resource, we believe an organization’s relationship with its executive search firm should be open, trusting, and continuing. Not only is time and cost efficiencies best served by ongoing relationships, so too are the confidences shared during the search process - including matters of organizational change, compensation, strategy, and marketing initiatives.

More specifically, we build and add value to client relationships on the following principles:

  • Communication - Consistent communication is maintained with our clients as we conduct research, set targets, develop, qualify, and present a slate of candidates for consideration, conduct in-depth reference checks, assist in negotiations and follow up after placement.

  • Objectivity - Provide the critical element of objectivity in both the development of an appropriate position description and in the evaluation of candidates.  We offer valuable feedback on the way the client organization is perceived in the marketplace.

  • Diversity - Being a Minority/Women Business Enterprise company, The CALER Group, Inc. proactively assists our clients in the ongoing challenges of developing a diverse workforce.  Many of our candidate pools have been comprised of women and other minorities, as have our final placements.


  • Confidentiality - We adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality.  As a closely held private company with one principal location, we have the ability to work with clients and candidates with the utmost discretion plus control the quality of our services.

Our objective is to find candidates whose personal, professional, and managerial style will make an enduring contribution to the client organization.


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